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Community Mobilisation

The Sarva Shiksha Mission is the national Flagship Programme of Government of India which aims to provide useful and relevant elementary education to all children in the 5+ to 13+ age group as targeted by 2010 and bridge social, regional and gender gaps. It assigns the greatest importance to systematic mobilization of the community and creation of an effective system of decentralized decision making at grass root level i.e. Village Education Committee and Ward Education Committee. As per the National Education Policy (NPE) and recommendations of Committee on Decentralized Management of Education, the Village Education Committee (VEC) / Ward Education Committee (WEC) were constituted or revitalized under Sarva Shiksha Mission.
As per the latest notification of School Education Department, under memo no.840-SE/Pry/2D-1/2007 dated. 7th August 2008 & memo no. 841-SE (Pry.) 2D-1/2007 dated. 7th August 2008, all the VEC and WEC were constituted in 2008 with the head of different Institutions, All parent having children of age group (4+ to 13+ years), Elected member, Shiksha Bandhu of concerned Gram Panchayat of each Samsad or Ward level.

Role & Functions OF VEC/WEC
  • Assessment of educational needs of the village population at the pre-schooling, primary and upper primary level through a process of micro planning exercise every year;
  • Maintaining micro level database for the children in the age group of 0 – 14 years (in case of disabled children 16 years) through a Child Register for ensuring micro (Gram Samsad) planning exercise / habitation plan every year;
  • Building of awareness of the community by mobilizing parents and community for ensuring enrolment and retention of all children in AWC, primary and upper primary schools, SSK, EGS / AIE centres etc;
  • Reviewing performance of the schools, enhancement of learning level and helping the schools for sharing the result of the children with the parents (result of Parbik Mulyan, Internal Evaluation, Half yearly exam, and Final examination);
  • Making recommendations / suggestions to the teachers for better performance of the schools;
  • VEC will also do the social audit of all the expenditure made by the school level monitoring committee regarding community mobilizing, mid day meal and civil works;
  • To receive and utilize fund and maintain proper bank account. VEC is primarily responsible for sending Utilizing Certificate of funds placed at its disposal to the higher authority;
  • Mobilizing community contribution and extending support for construction of school buildings and other required support to the AWC, primary Schools, Upper Primary Schools, SSK / EGS/ AIE centres;
  • VEC will bring in convergence of the inputs on elementary education and the Continuing Education Programme by encouraging illiterate parents of the school going children to come to the Continuing Education Centres;
  • Identifying out of school children / drop out children and ensuring their enrolment in different school set up;
  • Arranging remedial teaching / alternative education, Bridge Course etc. by engaging community volunteer;
  • Helping Panchayat / CPC for distribution of text book, teaching-learning materials and other incentives;
  • Monitoring Mid-Day Mal Programme in schools within the VEC area;
  • Ensuring convergence of different rural services (with the help of Panchayat) for building school infrastructure / school beautification etc. and implementing other works assigned by the Gram Panchayat / Panchayat Samity / Zilla Parishad / District Primary School Council and District SSM Committee;
  • Sending monthly report to CLRC / CRC from VEC through the Shiksha Bandhu;
  • Issuing Green Cards to the out of School Children and ensuring their enrolment in available educational institutions in the locality;
  • Establishing SSK / EGS / AIE in unserved habitations in consultation with Gram Panchayat / CLRC;
  • Reviewing attendance of the teachers and students of AWC, Primary , Upper Primary Schools / SSK, EGS AIE centres etc. and ensuring their attendance through community support and audit;
  • Ensuing enrolment and retention of SC/ST girls and children of minority groups, other categories of Special Focus Group Children / Hardest to Reach Children etc;
  • Organizing parents meeting in the form of PTA / MTA on quarterly basis;
  • Head Teacher as Secretary and Shiksha Bandhu will keep all records, reports etc. in their custody;
  • The Secretary of the VEC and the Shiksha Bandhu shall fill in the Village Information Schedule (VIS) of DISE annually and submit the same to concerned CPC as per prescribed time schedule;
  • The president of VEC shall fill in the School Level Format – II (SLF-II) annually for each school within the VEC jurisdiction and submit the same to the concerned CPC as per the prescribed time schedule;
  • Maintaining / Implementing such other functions as may be determined by the higher authorities from time to time;
  • Fund to be collected / received from community / any person (Donor) / PBSSM/ any other Govt. / Non Govt. agency will be deposited in the same Bank Account. But cashbook and / or record are to be maintained separately for different sources of fund even when entered in the common VEC Account.

Controlling Authority
Gram Panchayat being the body responsible for constitution of VECs, shall have the power to monitor and evaluate the works of VECs. If necessary, it may recommend to Panchayat Samity to dissolve the VEC and seek advice to re-constitute any VEC.
Sub Inspector of Schools / Circle Project Co-ordinators of CLRC will coordinate the entire exercise (VEC formation, reconstitution, school level monitoring committee formation etc.) in consultation with the Gram Panchayat.
Initiatives by Community for achieving UEE
  • Community involvement during the Enrolment drive celebration.
  • Mobilize Mother Teacher Association for regularity of students.
  • Mobilization of fund for the development of the school.
  • Construction work based on cost effective technology.
  • Education materials/ Teaching Learning Material like Pocket Board, Chart Board, books, note books, pen-pencils for normal school child and to children in Alternative schooling system.
  • Substitution by Shiksha Bandhu in absence of regular teachers to facilitate smooth running of the school.
  • Identification of CWSN for enrolment in schools.
  • Motivating parents of disabled children for their enrolment in schools.
  • Maintain Child Registers in every year.
  • Maintenance the micro level database for the children in the age group of 5 to 14 years.
  • Identification of out of school children and their enrolment.
  • Opening of Bridge Course or Alternative Centre at unserved habitations or any other place where requirement is found.
  • Appointment of volunteers for Non Residential Bridge Course, Residential Bridge Course, or Alternative & Innovative Centre.
  • Social audit by organizing Panchayat Quarterly.
  • Maintenance of accounts (vouchers, cashbooks, reports etc) at VEC/WEC level.

  • Yearly Training of VEC/ WEC
  • Preparation of Training modules
  • To ensure the regular meeting at School level Monitoring Committee (twice in a month), VEC/WEC level(twice in a year)
  • Building of awareness of the community and mobilizing parents
  • Introduce Incentives to VEC/WEC for higher enrolment, no retention, no dropped out for whole year, regular meeting – VEC and MTA.
  • Awareness Campaign for Cleanliness of School/ AIE centres, SSK, AWC through VEC/WEC
  • Identifying out of School children / dropout children and ensuring their enrolment in different school set up through special campaign by Community / VEC.
  • Taking suggestion from the community for better performance of the students / school.
  • Special Incentive for Best Student for regular attending, cleanliness – Dress, Personal health care etc
  • Drawing exhibition, Story writing, Exposure visit, Educational tour – School children , AIE children and OOSC
  • Tracking system for enrolled Out of School Children at the time of Enrolment Programme’2008 & Enrolment Programme’2009
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